Reflections on the Fellowship

“The fellowship has allowed me to finally realize I am great at what I do!”

~ Celeste Sanchez Lloyd

Celeste Sanchez Lloyd and David Ahlborn

Fellows are responding to the critical needs of communities, while stepping into the possibilities and leading transformational change toward an equitable society.

As part of a WKKF Community Leadership Network virtual gathering panel, fellows from each of the five cohorts shared their experiences about navigating the dual pandemics of COVID and racial injustice. They reflected on what they’ve been learning through the fellowship about themselves and their leadership, as well as new insights about racial equity and community engagement that they’re applying in their work.

Hear from Celeste Sanchez Lloyd, Michigan cohort, and David Ahlborn, national cohort, about what they’re learning and how they’re homing their leadership through the fellowship experience.

Celeste Sanchez Lloyd

David Ahlborn

Other panelists talk about the impact of the fellowship in previous videos and blogs:

Kay Bounkeua, New Mexico cohort, describes how they are connecting across cultures to lead transformational change for children, families and communities in New Mexico.

Patrick Young, New Orleans cohort, talks about how the fellows in New Orleans have pivoted in response to the COVID crises and the ways Hurricane Katrina helped prepare them for the current situation.

Sunny Baker, Mississippi cohort, shares how the fellowship has been “a real gamechanger for her work,” helping her connect with other leaders and understand what it means to take the wisdom of a community and put it into action.

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