Coming Home to Self and Each Other

“Caring for ourselves starts with introspection and understanding the relationship between our feelings, thoughts and actions.”

Dr. Denese Shervington, clinical professor of psychiatry and author of “Healing is the Revolution,” brings a fresh perspective to self care and its importance to leadership. She defines self care as “coming home to our true self, as true as we can be in any present moment.” It’s trying to discover and embody a self that is freer of the usual conditioning, fears, impulses and habits, and becoming friends with ourselves. Self care involves being aware of how our mind really works, living from a space of emotional and ethical intelligence and engendering compassionate wisdom for the good of ourselves and others.

In this presentation, Dr. Shervington walks us through practical steps to achieving self care. She shares how it starts with caring for our minds – being quiet with ourselves to uncover and witness, accepting existential givens and cultivating mental well-being through ritual and creativity. It also comes from caring for our physical body and caring for our spirit, while balancing our own care with care for others.

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