New Mexico Fellows Build Cross-Cultural Movement

“The huge opportunity that we have in front of us is to truly ignite and sustain cross-cultural movements.”
—Anpao Duta Flying Earth

New Mexico fellows are connecting across cultures to lead transformational change for children, families and communities. In this video, Anpao Duta Flying Earth, Kay Bounkeua, Pamelya Herndon and Michael Casaus reflect on their visions for the future, the positive impact of the fellowship on their leadership, and the various ways they are working together to foster a more equitable New Mexico.

“The fellowship has really given us an opportunity to come together as leaders and have a space for one another and think through what are the things we are trying to accomplish for our children in New Mexico and how do we do that together instead of in silos,” says Kay Bounkeua, executive director of the New Mexico Asian Family Center.

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