Rev. Alvin Herring: We belong in solidarity

We belong in solidarity

“The work of change requires a different you. It requires a more clear, more grounded and more certain you – more certain of your capacity, your energy, and your power.”

Through sharing stories, reminding us to breathe, helping us see

Tinesia Conwright: A Fellow's Journey

A fellow’s journey

“What I want to do moving forward is to connect with all these other ecosystems that are in place and create something that we’re working on as a collaborative to show the kids that we’re all here to support and we’re all here to show

What Every Leader Needs to Know

What Every Leader Needs to Know

What can take 10 minutes to build, 10 seconds to destroy and 10 years to rebuild? The answer is trust.

Fellows talk with each other at the Jackson, Mississippi WKKF Community Leadership Network fellows gathering.

Trust is foundational to effective relationships which, in turn, is foundational to effective leadership. At the all-class gathering in Jackson, Mississippi, W.K. Kellogg Foundation Chief

Chicano Park: Fellows Reflections

Chicano Park: Fellows Reflections

“This is a place – almost a temple – where we can come together, listen to each other, make peace with each other, and stand in solidarity with one another.”

WKKF Community Leadership Network fellows visited Chicano Park in San Diego, California to learn about the community’s story of struggle and self-determination. Home to the largest concentration of Chicano murals in the world, the park is a testament to the power of communities when they come together in solidarity to lead change. Listen to fellows’ reflections about the values,

A Story of Community Self-Determination

Chicano Park: A Story of Community Self-Determination

In San Diego, California, the story of Chicano Park is a story of community self-determination, in which local people united to turn tragedy into triumph and reclaim their Chicano heritage.

“Chicano Park is a testament to what communities can do when they stick together and make it happen,” says Tommie Camarillo, co-founder and chair of the Chicano Park Steering Committee.

The struggle for justice

It was April 1970, when community members of

Why Self-care is Essential to Leadership

Why Self-care is Essential to Leadership

Resilience is the ability to show up as your best self.

Time spent exercising is correlated with higher ratings of leadership effectiveness. Here, fellows take a break from the San Diego gathering to get moving on the basketball court.

Leadership is filled with high-pressure situations. Because stress is inevitable, the ability to tap into one’s best self under pressure is what often

Are You Building an Ecosystem?

Are You Building an Ecosystem?

How is your work connected to other organizations and social movements in your communities?

Fellows participate in a unity clap while learning from Chicano Park advocates and movement builders in San Diego.

While it’s natural to develop a laser-focused approach to our individual passions and movement-building work, acknowledging our interconnectedness is invaluable. That’s why the WKKF Community Leadership Network with the Center for Creative Leadership fellowship program recruits leaders who serve in a wide variety of roles, from tribal leader to health practitioner to conservationist. The fellows’ diverse bodies of work are all essential parts of a larger ecosystem working to foster a more equitable society.

By approaching our

Ten Elements of Movement Building

Ten Elements of Movement Building

If you want to lead, you need to follow. If you want to lead, you need to be part of something bigger. If you want to lead, you need to be in solidarity with other social movements.

The collective power of people gathering, united around a vision for change, is immeasurable. The impact is tangibly imprinted into the fabric of our society, from the civil rights and suffrage movements to Pride, Black Lives Matter and March For Our Lives.

This transformative power has inspired and guided me in my work to analyze what makes certain movements so effective. I realized early on in this research that no matter how good your idea is, unless it’s connected to community organizing

What Is Effective Leadership?

What Is Effective Leadership?

How do we bring communities together to work willingly and effectively to produce desired results?

Based on years of research and practice, the Center for Creative Leadership has developed a definition of leadership. “ Leadership is a social process that enables individuals to work together as a cohesive group to produce collective results .”

Let’s break this down. It’s a process , meaning it’s about the work of the people, not about an individual leader and the traditional image we might have of a single person standing in front directing a group. It’s social , meaning it involves people and is highly relational. It’s working together as a cohesive group – not a fracture or a splinter that excludes any one from being

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